High Speed Rail 101

What it is, and how it’ll move America forward

A piece of construction equipment is laying railroad ties down on a new high-speed line.

High Speed Rail 101

Should the US Build A High Speed Rail System?

Should the US continue to lead the world’s economy? Should the US invest in a cleaner, more efficient travel? Should we connect regions so people can easily work, visit, and just explore this beautiful country?

The answer to all of these is YES. High speed rail can make this all happen. It can be done. We just need to commit to doing it.

So should we build a high speed rail system? The answer is yes.

Why High Speed Rail

The High Speed Rail Experience

High speed rail is more than just a fast way to travel. It’s the way to get from Point A to Point Wherever you want to be in speed, comfort, and ease.

Two women are hugging.  One is standing on the train platform, the other is on the train. It is snowing.

How Will High Speed Rail Benefit the Community?

Not only will you be connected through an integrated rail network, but trains make communities more walkable and financially stable, with more opportunities.

A boy and girl are working on tablets at a table on a high-speed train.

What is it Like to Ride?

Comfortable. Exhilarating. No waiting in airports, and no traffic. Stand up, stretch out, or just sit back and watch the country.

A red barn in a field with an American flag hanging on the side.

How Will HSR Reduce Carbon?

No other mode of travel has the flexibility to serve diverse, dispersed markets and spur a massive shift from driving.

A Japanese high-speed train is passing a station on a curve.


How High Speed Rail Works

High speed rail technology isn’t part of some imagined future. It’s available now.

TGV train passing a freight train

What is the Integrated Network Approach?

Combining the transformative power of dedicated high-speed lines with the geographic coverage of shared-use lines.

ICE high-speed train southbound near Lindburg Germany.

What is High-Speed Rail?

High-speed rail is a proven technology, with over 28,000 miles of high-speed line in over 20 countries.

Passengers are boarding a regional train at Gare de Paris Saint Lazare.

What is Regional Rail?

Regional Rail uses frequent trains on memory schedules to serve many types of trips

An American businessman is posing in front of a high-speed train at Shanghai Hongqiao railway station.

What are the World's Fastest Trains?

The French TGV holds the world speed record for a train on steel wheels. China has the fastest train you can ride.

A SC Maglev test train is pulling into the station in Japan.

What about Maglev and Hyperloop?

Hyperloop and maglev capture the imagination — but the vast majority of high speed rail uses conventional “steel on wheel” technology.

High Speed Rail Progress

The Progress and Obstacles to High Speed Rail

Artist rendering of a potential Brightline railroad station at Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Can High-Speed Rail Work in the U.S.?

Yes, of Course High-Speed Rail Will Work Here. HSR is exactly right for this moment, in fact, because it helps solve some of our biggest challenges.

An AVE train is passing under a bridge near Ciudad Real Spain.

What are some common myths about high speed rail?

Many people believe that trains are slow and unworkable — but the experience of them across the world has shown that the opposite is true.

Artist rendering of tunnels and viaducts in California with windmills in background.

What are high speed rail plans for the US?

There are many regional plans that are creating networks across the United States, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill is helping that long.

Four business people are seating in facing seats on a train.  One woman is giving a presentation from her IPAD.

How can I be a high speed rail advocate?

Become an advocate. Become an educator. Become someone who moves their community in a faster direction. Become part of the movement.

couple sharing headphones on a train

How the High Speed Rail Alliance Is Connecting A Nation of Advocates

At the High Speed Rail Alliance, we’re building a better future by building a network of passionate people. When our voices come together, they get heard.

We’re educating influencers. We’re talking to leaders. And most importantly, we’re helping everyday Americans understand how high speed rail will create a cleaner, more prosperous, and just more fun future.

If you’re passionate about high speed rail, we’d love for you to join the ride.

How You Can Be Part of the Future

Want to help make an American high speed rail network a reality? Join the Alliance today. Your passion makes us stronger.

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