Action Alert

Ask Congress to Fund the Federal Railroad Administration at $3.4 Billion in FY2024

Recently we have seen a great deal of news stories asking the question: Why don’t we have high-speed rail and other great trains in the United States?

Here is the simple reason: Congress hasn’t funded it. And, as Congress returns to DC to finalize the FY2024 budget, there is a real chance that they’ll make the situation worse.

The House Appropriations Committee recently voted to slash the Federal Railroad Administration’s FY2024 budget to just $1.4 billion, about $2 billion less than FY2023. That tiny amount has to be spread across Amtrak, high-speed rail, freight projects and safety. So, in essence, they are saying “if you don’t want to drive, just stay home.”

The Senate version holds the line at last year’s $3.4 billion, but it’s going to take some work to ensure they win the day.

It is urgent that you ask your representative and senators to support the Senate’s $3.4 billion as the minimum funding level for the FRA in 2024.

Please contact your members of Congress today, and share this with anyone else who cares about connecting our country with fast, frequent, and dependable trains!