How Will High Speed Rail Improve My Life?

Freedom, For Starters

They’re a fast, easy, and affordable way to get around. But that’s just the most obvious payoff. High-speed rail delivers three more big wins.

Better Travel

High-speed trains are fun and relaxing—like a mini-vacation.

They free up time that you would spend driving (or sitting in a stuffed airplane) for the things that you actually love about travel. You can socialize, have a meal, read, and enjoy watching people and the passing scenery. And you can do these things while getting where you need to go—quickly and safely. It’s a totally different experience than any other kind of travel.

Travel By High-Speed Rail

dad and kids on train
Pleasant small town suburban street.

Connected Communities

High-speed trains are nonstop engines of prosperity.

While recent housing and development trends separate us from each other and hollow out city centers, high-speed trains bring us together. Which means they build capital of all kinds. They create vibrant economies, increase property values, and foster strong relationships between people and institutions.

Learn How Trains Strengthen Communities

Lower Carbon Emissions

Federal policies prioritize new highway lanes and cheap greenfield development, which creates more traffic and spikes greenhouse gas emissions.

We can no longer afford that paradigm. Electrified high-speed trains can run on 100 percent renewable energy. They also cut greenhouse gasses by incentivizing smarter, denser development. The effects ripple out and ratchet down carbon emissions across whole communities.

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