Speaker: Keith Ammons, VP Market Development, PowerTrunk, Inc.

Safe and efficient rail operations, whether for urban public transit or for long-haul rail, require the use of highly dependable radio networks for a variety of voice, data, and even signaling communications needs.  The railway environment has strict and demanding requirements that must be met in order to provide mission-critical and business-critical levels of communications capability.  When properly implemented, such communications networks significantly contribute towards improving the use of available line capacity, assuring the safety of workers and passengers, meeting user satisfaction goals, and providing cost-effective solutions for operations.

Open standard TETRA digital land mobile radio technology is ideally suited to meet these needs, and offers capacity and features not found in many competing technologies presently in use.  The use of TETRA can greatly reduce the amount of radio channels required to support communication for users, thereby reducing the number the frequency licenses that must be paid, provides greater radio coverage on a per site basis as compared to other technologies, such as GSM-R, thus reducing the amount of network infrastructure that must be built out for the communications system, and TETRA inherently supports both voice and data communication simultaneously, thereby eliminating the need to operate separate systems for voice and for data.

Furthermore, TETRA has proven itself as reliable means of communication, not only for routine voice and data traffic, but also for train control systems such as ETCS and CBTC, including for driverless trains.  In addition, TETRA is deserving of consideration for possible implementation for Positive Train control (PTC) systems in North America

Speaker Bio 

Keith Ammons is Vice President of Market Development for PowerTrunk, Inc. and a Director of the North America TETRA Forum (NATF).  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology from Memphis State University and a Master of Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He has spent over 35 years in the civilian and military communications-electronics field and his experience includes project management, communications systems operations and maintenance, communication security, and sales and marketing activities

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