Watch the video of our webinar on the Integrated network planning concepts that Deutsche Bahn have implemented in Europe and are now bringing to the USA. 

Deutsche Bahn E.C.O. NA were chosen to be the “early train operator” for the California High-Speed Rail Project. They are providing consulting and development services, and will plan and implement the start-up of rail operations.

They bring decades of experience and an approach to integrated network planning. The focus is on creating a truly integrated planning concept, something the HSRA have been advocating for states and regions around the country to adopt. Their theories behind Integrated network planning can be seen in countries like Germany and Switzerland, both of whom run incredibly frequent and reliable trains that serve a broad geographic area. 

We hope you will join us to learn more about this approach to integrated network planning and how it could be used across the U.S. to maximize the benefits and prioritizing projects to create the biggest impact in the shortest time.

Watch the Video

Speaker Bios:

Jorge Rios, Vice President, Deutsche Bahn E.C.O. North America, Project Director CHSRA Early Train Operator

Mr. Rios is an Electronic Engineer, Master in Project management and Certified by the Project Management Institute (PMP). He started his career as a Signaling and Train Control Engineer. During his 27 years of experience Mr. Rios has directed Railways and mobility projects in The Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Germany and USA. He has been working for Technology, Operating, Maintenance and rail Infrastructure development companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Bombardier, Sytecsa, Siemens, NEC and IBM. Currently Mr. Rios is Vice president of DB Engineering Consulting and Operations North America and was appointed as the Project director of the CHSRA Early Train Operator since 2017.

Stefan Reul, Lead Transportation Expert, California High-Speed Rail – Early Train Operator

Mr. Reul has a master’s degree (Diplomingenieur) in Civil Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He is a transportation planning professional with extensive experience in strategic consulting for transportation infrastructure projects. He is currently leading the ridership and revenue forecasting and planning studies within the Early Train Operator contract of DB E.C.O. NA with the California High Speed Rail Authority. His experience ranges from investment-grade forecasting projects to service planning, financial analysis and feasibility assessments to benefit-cost analyses as well as long-term strategic planning studies.  During his consulting career of 26 years, he spent 10 years working in Germany and has overall worked for over 18 years on transit and rail projects as well as 12 years in tolling and managed lanes projects. 

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