In this webinar we discussed a bold vision for a statewide railroad network in Wisconsin that meets the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Wisconsin already has one of the nation’s most successful passenger rail lines: Amtrak’s Hiawatha, with frequent service between Milwaukee and Chicago. And residents are already using the Empire Builder to move around the state. But imagine if we went even further, developing a comprehensive, statewide network of fast, frequent and reliable trains serving Wisconsin, with high-speed rail at its core.

Imagine less traffic—both for travelers and freight—on congested highways. And think of the difference it would make if travelers to and from Eau Claire, La Cross, Madison, Green Bay, and elsewhere throughout Wisconsin could access Midwest’s gateway to the world, O’Hare Airport, more easily.

Watch the video to see what Wisconsin could look like with a modern rail network and the steps we can take to get there.

Watch the Video

It’s a Beautiful Country

Let’s see it. Let’s clean it. Let’s build it. Let’s make high speed rail a reality.

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