Our library of studies and white papers examines the demand for and benefits of high-speed rail in the U.S.

        2019 Detroit - Toledo 110 mph

        2018 California State Railplan

        2017 Integrated Network Approach

        A market-based approach to high-speed rail

        2014 Talgo Trainsets: An Excellent Choice for Midwest Corridors

        2013 University of Illinois and IDOT Feasibility Study

        Chicago-Champaign-Springfield-St. Louis/Indianapolis

        2013 High-Speed Rail in Korea: Lessons for the Midwest

        2012 TranSystems Midwest High-Speed Rail Network Benefits Study

        Four route network. Builds upon AECOM 2011 Study

        2012 Long Distance Trains: A Foundation for National Mobility

        Multi-Purpose Mobility Machines

        2011 AECOM High-Speed Rail Network Outline and Economic Benefits for Chicago Study

        Four route network.

        2009 TranSystems Chicago-St. Louis Corridor Study

        2009 SNCF Midwest High-Speed Rail Network Study

        2004 Think You Know Trains? Think Again

        Why networks are so important

        1926 Illinois Central Magazine article - Electrification Work Near End

        The Metra Electric line is really unique; this article explains some of the reasons why