David Westlake

Board Member

Board member David Westlake smiling

David Westlake joined the High Speed Rail Alliance’s Board in 2023. He has had a substantial career in policy and government finance, having previously worked in grants administration for one of the Midwest’s largest water utilities, as a public policy consultant, and in budgeting with the Chicago Park District. During the COVID-19 pandemic he helped lead the City of Chicago’s vaccination campaign for the homebound. David’s work with the HSRA is informed by his zeal for building inclusive, connected, walkable, and sustainable communities; the incredible positive effects on personal and collective physical and financial wellbeing living in such communities can create; and the crucial role of high quality, frequent, and affordable transportation in facilitating the creation of such cities and towns. He earned a Master’s in Public Policy as well as Bachelor’s Degrees in International Relations and Economics from Michigan State University.

It’s a Beautiful Country

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