Ask Congress to fund CHIP

A strong and growing federal rail program can make Chicago Hub Improvement Program a reality—but only if we stop a proposal to slash the Federal Railroad Administration’s funding.


Please ask your representative and senators to fully fund the Federal Railroad Administration so that critical rail projects, like the Chicago Hub Improvement Program (CHIP), can be built.

Congress is working out funding levels right now. The House Appropriations Committee voted to budget just $1.4 billion in FY2024, which would mean slashing service across the country. A Senate committee has proposed $3.3 billion, allowing recent progress to continue.

Fast, frequent, and affordable trains will give us better access to opportunities and lead to more prosperous regions. Americans will have more freedom to travel, and the efficiency of trains will slash air, noise, and water pollution in the process.

The Chicago Hub Improvement Program is a practical and affordable way to improve service for hundreds of cities and towns across the country. It will expand Chicago Union Station as the hub of the nation’s passenger rail network and create better routes to it.

Like many other rail projects, the Chicago Hub Improvement Program benefits many states and requires a strong federal program to achieve success.

It is urgent that you contact your representatives in Washington, DC now, to make it possible to build projects like the Chicago Hub Improvement Program.

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