Brightline Making Progress in Florida and Vegas

Brightline train testing at 130 mph.

A test run on the new 35-mile stretch from Orlando to Cocoa, where a Brightline train reached 130 mph for the first time. Photo: Brightline

Brightline Making Progress in Florida and Vegas

Brightline has reached another milestone as they prepare to launch passenger rail service to Orlando International Airport. During a test run on the new 35-mile stretch from Orlando to Cocoa, a train reached 130 mph for the first time. This is a record in Florida and the southeastern U.S. After revenue service launches later this year, Brightline trains will regularly reach maximum speeds of 125 mph on this segment.

“Reaching 130 (mph) isn’t just another milestone to our team, but the continuation of a dream that we’ve been working towards for several years,” said president of Brightline Trains Patrick Goddard. “More importantly, this historic feat brings us one step closer to launching Brightline service between Orlando and Miami.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Brightline West has taken another step forward with the announcement of a labor agreement. The State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, Southern Nevada Building Trades Union and Brightline West signed a memorandum of understanding to construct the high-speed rail project between Las Vegas and Southern California. The agreement ensures that the project will be built with unionized labor, and construction is estimated to create 10,000 jobs.

Brightline West has made significant progress as they prepare to break ground as soon as this year. Major milestones reached thus far include completion of major land acquisition and lease agreements, including a station site on Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as “the Strip.” Agreements have been reached with the Arizona and California highway departments for using the I-15 right-of-way. The bulk of NEPA documentation and approvals for environmental clearance have also been completed.

As Brightline West continues to hit these milestones, there’s optimism that we could be riding an American high-speed train by the end of the decade.

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