Deutche Bahn to Operate Egypt’s High Speed Rail Network

The Egyptian government has awarded Deutsche Bahn a contract to operate the country’s high-speed rail network, once it is in operation.

Egypt has an ambitious plan for modernizing their rail system, with a plan to construct over 1,200 miles of tracks that will connect major cities throughout the country. This would make it the sixth largest high-speed rail network in the world.

A consortium led by Siemens Mobility has already agreed to build the infrastructure and deliver rolling stock for the project. Construction is already underway on the first segment, which will connect the major metropolitan regions of Alexandria and Cairo and cut travel time along the line in half. Earlier this year, Siemens Mobility signed a contract to implement the second and third phases as well.

Niko Warbanoff, CEO of the DB ECO Group, commented on the agreement between DB and Egypt. “We will help millions of people in Egypt to achieve modern mobility and ensure climate-friendly rail freight transport. The new railway system drives Egypt’s economic development and ensures more climate protection, from which we all benefit.”


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