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Why Support High Speed Rail?

Trains bring people together, build strong communities, and repair our social fabric.

Trains deliver. They fill our towns and cities with people and small businesses. When more people live in or visit the heart of our communities, there are more chance encounters and in-person meetings. There’s more economic exchange. More vitality. More life.

By donating, you will join a growing movement working to make fast, frequent, and affordable trains a reality!

By taking people into the heart of our communities, trains revitalize both our civic life and our economies.

The truth is, most Americans would love to live and work in communities that are livable and sustainable. They want an alternative to the status quo.

Good train service isn’t the only path to a better world, but it’s a great start. Yet many people don’t know that it’s a real possibility or how they can help achieve it.

The Alliance is changing that. We educate and inform people who share our passion for the transformative power of trains, and we empower them to create real change.

And we rely on you.

You can help revitalize our communities by becoming an Alliance member.

By supporting us, you amplify the message that trains are good for the heart and soul of our communities. You broaden the base of supporters. And you create stronger, more powerful tools for bringing fast, frequent train service to North America.

Together—one train line at a time—we can make it happen. Your membership makes all the difference.


The High Speed Rail Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible.