Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois today took an important step for our whole country.

At an event near Amtrak’s Chicago rail yard, the Governor announced his support for the Chicago Hub Improvement Program (CHIP). This would fix Chicago Union Station and connect it to two potential passenger-focused mainlines. Amtrak has already applied to the federal government for investment in CHIP, which would benefit people in communities all over the country that are served by Chicago’s hub.

You can help: tell Congress to support Governor Pritzker’s leadership

It was really exciting to attend this event today and to see Governor Pritzker’s leadership on our issue. He clearly understands the national importance of Chicago Union Station.

Bringing our cities closer together with fast, frequent, and affordable trains is key to building a more prosperous country with a greener economy. Fixing Union Station is an essential step.

Next, we need Congress to step up—take action now!

Please tell Congress to fully fund the Federal Railroad Administration in the 2024 federal budget. With FRA support, programs like CHIP can get done, and we can have increased freedom to travel for all.

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