Nevada Releases Progressive State Rail Plan

Nevada has released a draft of its 2021 State Rail Plan.

Nevada is being more aggressive that one would expect, proposing many new passenger rail routes and calling for true high-speed rail.

The executive summary states, “While railroads are hardly top of mind in the 21st century, reconnecting with their value to a well-working, sustainable society is key to Nevada’s future.” It’s exciting to see a state that seems devoid of passenger rail include extensive plans to create a robust, statewide network.

The plan is highly dependent on California’s actions – illustrating why a national rail plan is so important.

The proposed Las Vegas to Reno C route would link Brightline West to the Los Angeles – San Francisco high-speed line to create valuable connections between Las Vegas and the Silicon Valley.  Adding a Reno extension of the Capital Corridor would create a compettive rail link between Reno and Las Vegas.

Other projects include:

  • Amtrak California Zephyr improvements
  • Amtrak Capital Corridor extension to Reno-Sparks
  • Multistate Intercity Equipment Pool
  • Brightline West – Ranch Cucamonga, CA to Las Vegas, NV
  • Reno to Las Vegas by way of Central California (map shown above)
  • Amtrak, Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and Los Angeles Service
  • Las Vegas – Tucson via Phoenix
  • Commuter rail improvements around Las Vegas and Reno

It is exciting to see a rail plan that focuses on the big picture and examines the ways rail can optimize mobility, transform economies, foster sustainability and connect communities.

You can make public comments on the 2021 Nevada State Rail Plan prior to March 4, 2021.

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