New Amtrak Airo Trains Revealed

On December 15 Amtrak revealed their newest trains, the Amtrak Airo series

The Amtrak Airo series is manufactured by Siemens Mobility and scheduled to begin operating in 2026. The Airo trains will enter service first on the Cascades route but will operate primarily on routes in the Northeast.

The procurement order is for 83 trainsets, with options for up to 130 additional trainsets. The total investment by Amtrak for the trainsets, service agreement, facility modifications and upgrades, and contingencies, is $7.3 billion, which is being supported with funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

The trains can operate at speeds up to 125mph, are more fuel efficient and offer reduced dwell times at stations, which will allow for faster schedules. Amtrak also listed passenger amenities including panoramic windows, at-seat charging ports, ergonomically designed seats and a redesigned cafe car that includes self-serve options.

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