New Challengers for Eurostar’s Cross Channel Service

A number of railway companies have announced their plans to operate high-speed trains between the UK and mainland Europe, via the Channel Tunnel. For nearly thirty years Eurostar has been the sole passenger rail operator using the tunnel, but it now seems likely they will have competition soon.

The Channel Tunnel is owned and operated by GetLink, which leases track access to Eurostar. GetLink has said that the tunnel is designed for almost double the current rail traffic level. It operates on ‘open access’ basis, guaranteeing equal rights of access to any rail operators traveling between British and European networks. 

Heuro is a newly established railway company that wants to operate between Amsterdam, Paris, and London. Their goal is to run much more frequent service, with a total of 16 trips per day from Amsterdam to Paris, and 15 trips between Paris and London. They plan to purchase high-speed trains that can operate up to 186 mph, and are in talks with several rolling stock manufacturers. 

Evolyn is another high-speed rail startup company looking to launch cross-Channel service from London to Paris. Evolyn has agreed to purchase 12 trains from rolling stock manufacturers Alstom, with an option to purchase an additional four trains. In October, Evolyn announced that they expect to begin running trains in 2025, and be in full service by 2026. Evolyn wants to run non-stop service between London St. Pancras International and Paris Nord stations. They are currently negotiating track access.

In addition to these two new potential operators, there are rumors that Virgin Trains is interested in operating service between the UK and Europe as well. Arriva and Qbuzz also requested track access to operate trains between Amsterdam and a number of destinations, including Paris, Berlin and Eindhoven. 

There is hope that these new competitors could lead to more frequent service, lower fares, better amenities and service to more locations. We’ve seen multiple competitors on other routes in Europe lead to better service for travelers. In Italy, since Italo began running service to compete with state-owned Trenitalia in 2021, prices have fallen and ridership has grown.

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High Speed Rail Alliance Staff Update

Alliance executive director Rick Harnish attended a meeting hosted by the Commuter Rail Coalition to learn more about passenger rail law and liability issues. 

Alliance deputy director Chris Ott joined rail advocates from All Aboard Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers at the state’s annual railroad conference, hosted on November 7 by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The conference focused on freight but discussed passenger rail as well. This included a talk by Amtrak’s director of network development Arun Rao, and manager for government affairs Ismael Cuevas, called “Recovery and Building Towards a New Era for Rail.” 

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