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Finally, Talk of Growth:
Quick Reactions to the FRA’s Long Distance Study

Last week, the Federal Railroad Administration presented a proposed list of routes to be studied, as well as some initial thoughts about governance. The proposal would add 15 long-distance routes, serving 61 additional metropolitan areas to create a true national network.

They are asking for comments before March 8.

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A map of the 15 new long distance routes the FRA has proposed to study.
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A credit card reader in the vestibule of a Capitol Corridor train for tap-on fare payment.

Capitol Corridor’s “Tap2Ride” Program

When: Friday, 3/1 at 1pm CT

Capitol Corridor’s pilot test of “Tap2Ride” remains a pivotal test of contactless payment in a passenger rail environment (intercity passenger rail in this case). Jim Allison, CCJPA, will share key lessons learned and present a roadmap for this launch to become established in the overall California framework of the California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP).

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An Amtrak train is in the station at Denver Union Station at night. Passengers are on the platform. The iconic neon Union Station Travel by Train sign is lit up.

Colorado Front Range Passenger Rail

April 5, 2024

Front Range Passenger Rail is a developing transportation opportunity for Colorado’s Front Range with anticipated higher speed, intercity travel across Colorado’s Front Range from Fort Collins to Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, South Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

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Effort to Bring High-Speed Rail Line to Western Washington Remains on Track

“We have three million people coming to this region over the next generation. Our airport is close to capacity. [Interstate 5] is at capacity… And rail is something we don’t use, we underuse, in this state. We need to add it to the mix,” says state Senator Marko Liias.

State Sen. Jeremy Cooney Discusses Bringing High-Speed Rail to New York

“Can we modernize and take advantage of some of the federal infrastructure dollars that are available right now and that are going to other states like California and Florida? To be able to build upon what we know would already be of value to upstate New Yorkers and better connect upstate to downstate by creating true high-speed rail?”

Making the Compelling Case for High-Speed Rail

An executive with the design, engineering, architecture, and consulting firm Arup writes, “High-speed rail is one of the fastest growing infrastructure sectors in the world, and for good reason. It can be used to unlock economic and social benefits for whole regions and even countries and help square the circle of meeting decarbonisation targets while satisfying society’s demands for increased mobility.”

High Speed: The Global Race of Future Trains Starts From Japan

“Unlike its parent, the Chuo Shinkansen will reach 550 km/h thanks to Maglev technology, which allows it to float above the rails without touching them, covering the distance between Tokyo and Osaka in just one hour.”

The Top 10 Fastest High-Speed Trains in Europe

“Since the development of the TGV, high-speed rail on the continent has steadily expanded. But what are the fastest high-speed trains in Europe?”

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