Passengers Win Critical STB Decisions

Railroad passengers came out ahead in two important regulatory decisions made by the Surface Transportation Board last Thursday, which will affect the reliability of Amtrak service. The proposals introduced a revised definition to passenger train on-time performance and ‘preference’ over freight trains.

A federal law created in 1973 has granted Amtrak preference over freight trains when running on freight owned tracks. In Amtrak’s view this means that freight railroads must always prioritize passenger rail by pulling over freight trains to grant Amtrak preference. The proposed policy statement by the STB would have effectively removed passenger train’s preference by siding with the freight trains view of the law, which is that preference means balancing passenger train needs with that of the freight railroads while prioritizing OTP.

During the public comment period there was an overwhelming response from passenger rail advocates, which included many MHSRA members. Advocates were well equipped due to the hard work the Environmental Law & Policy Center put into drafting a detailed response. These efforts led to the STB decision to withdraw their proposal. The board claimed they were unable to resolve the disagreement and will refine its approach towards preference as specific cases arrive.

The other important decision made last Thursday regarded the measurement of on-time performance. Amtrak has a right to file a complaint if OTP falls below 80% on a given route. The proposal released for public comment only included final destinations when tracking OTP. The final decision released includes intermediate stations as well, and will deem a train on-time if it arrives or departs from a station no more than 15 minutes after its scheduled arrival or departure.

We are thrilled and motivated by these decisions in favor of passenger rail. It goes to show that passenger rail advocates are having their voices heard at the highest levels and that we must continue to be vocal to make significant progress.


Dylan Hayward
Program Manager

STB Decision on Preference

STB Decision on On-Time Performance

Last Week at MHSRA:

We hosted an event with the Executive Vice President of Stadler USA, Stephen Bonina, who spoke about their new railcars, which are the first to meet the FRA’s new alternative crash worthiness standards. These standards allow for lighter rolling stock that are safer, more fuel efficient, and have quicker acceleration/deceleration. Stadler is the first company to build railcars in the US that meet these standards, but it likely won’t be long before other manufacturers are using these standards to stock railcar fleets around the country.

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Dylan Hayward
Program Manager
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