Why we’re now the High Speed Rail Alliance

Grand Central Station

We changed our name!

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is now the High Speed Rail Alliance.

Our mission and purpose remain the same.

We are still a community of people who want the game-changing power of high-speed trains here, in North America. We know that high-speed trains, as a driver of an integrated transit network, will revitalize cities, towns and regions by making visits to family, friends or business partners easier, more productive and more affordable. And they will dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the process.

High-speed rail strikes at the core of today’s biggest challenges with our environment, the economy and the financial health of our cities. We can’t wait any longer to dramatically change our priorities and rapidly expand passenger trains.

The Midwest cannot do it alone. Travel does not begin and end at the edges of our region. We have to tackle this at the federal level.

That means a lot of people—from diverse backgrounds, living in towns big and small, from the Atlantic seashore to the Pacific coast—will need to come together to send our state, provincial and federal governments a clear message: We need high-speed rail now.

The High Speed Rail Alliance is uniting that diverse group. We already have members across the entire continent, and we need your help to invite more to join.

The first step is a simple one. Help us get thousands of signitures on our new petition to the U.S. Congress. Please sign the petition today, and then ask two friends to sign.

Welcome to the Alliance!

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