Corridor ID Funding

A map of existing Amtrak routes, routes with fed-state partnership grants and Corridor ID grants, as of 12/8/23

Ask your governor to make the most of federal funding for better trains in your state!

Recently announced federal Corridor ID funding provides an important new way for states to plan for fast, frequent, and affordable train service.

Please fill out this form and ask your governor to pursue this opportunity for better trains in your state.

Your governor has the power to direct your state’s Department of Transportation to plan ambitiously, for new passenger trains with a high level of service.

Aiming for a high level of service includes convenient, frequent scheduling. While it can be tempting to start small—such as by aiming for two or three new trains per day—that would be a mistake.

The key to making the most of up-front investments in planning and infrastructure is high ridership. The best way to ensure high ridership is to offer service at least every two hours throughout the day. This ensures that most travelers will have a departure time that suits them, for any type of trip.

Ask your governor to lead the way in bringing fast, frequent, affordable train service to your state, by directing your Transportation department to provide a high level of service, and working to ensure sufficient funding to see this important opportunity through.

We will not share your information with other organizations, but please keep in mind that your elected officials will see your information and may add you to their lists.