Photo: The longest suspended monorail in the world at 24. 5 miles. Located in Chiba, Japan Credit: Gary Todd

Thank you to everyone who joined us to learn about the latest developments in fire suppression for rolling stock and monorail technology.

Speakers: Roger A. Dirksmeier, Vice-President, international Monorail Association & Managing Director — Rail Systems, FOGTEC Fire Protection, Jonathan Redding, FOGTEC, Regional Sales Manager-North America, and Marko Kroenke, International Monorail Association, President-elect

Fire protection is critical to the safety of train travel and FOGTEC is the world market leader in active fire protection solutions in rolling stock applications. They have nearly 20,000 systems in operation around the world for detecting and fighting fire on trains. In the U.S they are now supplying this technology for the new LA Metro cars, using a water mist system for the first time in U.S. rolling stock.

This webinar also covered the latest monorail technology. Forget your preconceived notions about monorail and gain an understanding of how this technology has evolved. With the evolution of monorail there are new possibilities for implementing it into an integrated network as a cost-effective solution.

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