An American high-speed rail network; robust regional rail service throughout your state; reliable, abundant transit options in your town. They might feel like fantasies but all of these are possible. You can help make your transit fantasies a reality when you politically organize and fight for them.

In this training you will learn:

  • There’s a huge range of transit solutions to your area’s transportation problems
  • That your transit fantasies aren’t just technically possible, they’re likely cheaper than the status quo
  • How to roughly evaluate the technical feasibility of different transit changes to see if they fit your geography
  • How to get started building political power
  • How to flex your political power to get local and state elected officials to take your transit demands seriously

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—-About the presenters—-

Hayden Clarkin is a transportation engineer and planner collaborating with transit agencies, startups, and advocates to leverage social media strategies and turn innovative ideas into reality.

Carter Lavin is a climate activist in Oakland, California who trains organizations and individuals to more effectively build political power, hone strategy, and win campaigns on the local, regional, and state level. Learn more at

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It’s a Beautiful Country

Let’s see it. Let’s clean it. Let’s build it. Let’s make high speed rail a reality.

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