Speaker: David Kralik, AICP, Director of Planning and Programming, Metra.

Please join us for a webinar with Metra to learn about how they are moving towards a regional rail service model. This is an important strategic shift that was outlined in Metra’s latest Strategic Plan, “My Metra, Our Future.” At its core, the shift to regional rail means offering more frequent service throughout the day, which can meet the demand for trip types beyond just commuting. It’s a bold new vision for Metra and we are excited to learn more about their goals.

We will hear from David Kralik, who oversees Metra’s efforts in station area, corridor, and strategic planning as well as capital programming and discretionary grant pursuits. He has served in various capacities at Metra since 2002 and holds bachelor’s degrees in physics and mathematics from Washington University and master’s degrees in mathematics and urban planning & policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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