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Travel to more places quickly and efficiently without the hassle of airport lines or long, exhausting drives.


​Create jobs, enhance travel options, and transform the economy with clean, sustainable solutions.


Visit family and friends across the country, conduct business in person, and enjoy life to the fullest.

A Cleaner, More Just Way To Connect

Reduce gridlock and pollution while linking more communities to the national economy.

Woman and bearded man talking on train.

Why High Speed Rail?

High speed rail is a realistic, easy, and affordable way to travel that all Americans should enjoy. Here’s why you should demand high speed rail in your region.

  • Cleaner travel
  • Less gridlock
  • Easier than flying
  • More efficient
  • Unites communities

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Two Big Projects are Underway

A section of high-speed line under construction in the Central Valley.

San Francisco – Los Angeles

California is constructing a new high-speed line that will connect the Bay Area to the Basin in three hours or less.


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A conceptual rendering of the proposed Brightline West station in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

Las Vegas – LA Basin

Brightline West is set to break ground on a new line, allowing travelers to bypass the congestion on I-15.


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Go Further, Go Faster

High Speed Rail Can Transform the Country

Fast, frequent and affordable trains unite us through the promise of travel. Enhance our connectivity through rail will expand opportunities for everyone. Unify our diverse nation with a shared dream of progress and collaboration.

When we work together, we can accomplish big things. Let’s get on track.

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A TGV train is stopped at La Rochelle station in France.

The Integrated Network Approach allows French high-speed trains to serve stations far beyond the high-speed lines, like the 1922-built station at La Rochelle. Photo: Rick Harnish

Better tracks, better trains and a big-picture plan

Integrated Network Approach

The Integrated Network Approach combines the transformative power of dedicated high-speed lines with the geographic coverage of shared-use lines.

Used across the world, it delivers steady and incremental progress, guided by a long-term plan.

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A NATIONAL Railroad Expansion Program

Connecting America will require different types of trains (and buses and planes) working together to serve thousands of communities, big and small.

Imagine a national program driven by a comprehensive plan:

  • 20% dedicated to new high-speed lines
  • 80% focused on upgrading existing lines for quicker, more frequent service for both passengers and freight

The USDOT should develop a nationwide, integrated rail plan. Just like it did for the Interstate Highway network in 1947.

We rode the first 110-mph train bound for St. Louis

Amtrak, IDOT, and the Union Pacific did a “soft launch” of full 110 mph service on the Chicago – St. Louis Corridor on May 3rd.

We need to celebrate this important milestone while recognizing that much more needs to be done.

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Join us to accelerate the progress.

Passing traffic on I-55 on the Chicago – St. Louis Corridor.

Dude using an IPad on a railroad platform in China with high-speed train in background.

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Get Connected, Get Involved

High speed rail benefits everyone — and it will take us all working together to make it a reality. Here are some ways you can bring fast, frequent, and affordable trains to your community and the country.

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At the High Speed Rail Alliance, we’re building something. We’re connecting people who want to connect the country. Through education, activism, and action, we’re bringing together people who understand the promise of high speed rail and want to make it a reality.

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Together, we can unite our nation through high-speed rail and build a better future. Join us in making this vision a reality.

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Bring High Speed Rail to Your Community

Sign petitions. Give presentations. Talk to leaders. Become a leader yourself. The high speed rail community needs people who are ready to step up to created cleaner, better transportation. We’re here to help you take action.

We’re all in this together to support each other and change the way we move.

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Woman and bearded man talking on train.
Integrated Fast Freight and Passenger Rail Network Vision

Transform Your Region

High speed rail can connect the country, one region after another.

See what proposals and projects are happening in your area, and what you can do to make them a reality.

Learn more about the regions.

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It’s a Beautiful Country

Let’s see it. Let’s clean it. Let’s build it. Let’s make high speed rail a reality.

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