Chicago – St. Louis Corridor and Train Day 2023

An Amtrak train is stopped in the station at Joliet, IL.
A map of the Chicago - St. Louis corridor showing the location of signle and doulbe track.

Chicago to St. Louis Corridor: A Model for Shared-Use Lines

On May 3 we rode the first 110-mph train bound for St. Louis. This is the first time trains have been scheduled to go this fast on a heavy haul railroad where freight trains can be more than 2 miles long and each car weighs 143 tons. This could set the stage for upgrading more shared-use lines across the country, whether at 80, 90 or 110-mph.

The corridor was in horrible shape before the Chicago — St. Louis Corridor Project began. Today, it’s a world-class railroad, although there’s still a lot that can be done to improve the corridor.

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Train Day Pictures and Stories

As you know, trains have incredible power to connect people from every region and corner of this great continent. High Speed Rail Alliance community members are helping to tell that story by sharing their experiences.

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