CrossRail Chicago: The Network Core

The Metra Electric is an untapped asset. It can be upgraded to modern standards and linked with Metra's Milwaukee District to create the core of the Midwest passenger rail network.

CrossRail Chicago is the heart of the Fast Track Initiative and the key to making all the pieces of the big-picture vision for Illinois work together.

CrossRail Chicago will modernize and link two Metra lines to create a north-south railroad that connects commuter trains, airport express trains, and intercity trains (high-speed and conventional) from around the Midwest.

One of its benefits will be a big boost to the region’s economy, since it will connect job-seekers in communities underserved by transit to jobs that are now inaccessible to them.

Getting it done will demand collaboration across agencies and jurisdictions. But it’s worth the effort. CrossRail promises the biggest return on investment of any transportation project in the Midwest.

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