Petition to support the Blackhawk Corridor

Please sign asking Governor Pritzker and Governor Reynolds to launch service on the Blackhawk Corridor.

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Dear Governor Pritzker and Governor Reynolds,

Please work to establish frequent train service on the Blackhawk Corridor linking Chicago, Rockford, Freeport, Galena, and Dubuque.

Frequent trains would link one of the busiest tourist regions of the tri-state area, an important hub of the aerospace industry to downtown Chicago and O’Hare.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is planning a modest new service to Rockford, the fifth largest city in Illinois. It’s also funding a feasibility study for an extension to Dubuque.

But the current approach leaves a lot of revenue on the table and misses some great opportunities.

A unified plan for the entire corridor, with cooperation between Iowa and Illinois, would yield a much bigger payoff.

Critical components of a unified plan for the BlackHawk Corridor:

1. Allow IDOT to implement tiered service, which would make the whole line much more usable and multiply its power to revitalize communities.

2. Create convenient access to O’Hare Airport via Franklin Park station.

3. Give Metra a path to expand and maximize its current services.

Starting with the right frequency is critical.

Why? Because the number of daily trains is a key factor in driving success.

A good place to start is by implementing 5 or 7 trains per day between Rockford and Chicago and an additional 2 or 3 daily departures west to Dubuque.

Having frequent departures will allow for a wider range of trips to be taken between all of the stops along the line, from commuting, business trips and visiting family or friends.

Thank you in advance for supporting this initiative.