Save Chicago’s Greyhound Bus Station!

Ask Mayor Johnson and Governor Pritzker to save the Chicago Greyhound Terminal

Chicago and the Midwest is at risk of losing the region’s intercity bus hub. Greyhound’s terminal in downtown Chicago is up for sale. Without action by the City of Chicago and/or the State of Illinois, the property will be torn down and replaced by a high-rise. Chicago and Illinois must work together to buy this critical transportation asset and help it grow.

Roughly 500,000 passengers already use it each year. That’s more than many publicly-owned and subsidized regional airports—and bus stations have a vastly smaller footprint than they do.

This is a facility that can’t be easily replaced. Though not perfectly located, there are no better options.

A renovated station could be a win for everyone: For the bus lines and their customers. For the neighborhood. For the city and state.

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