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Michigan Passenger Rail Possibilities

March 09, 2016

We have great news from Michigan as a recent study on passenger rail service between Detroit and Holland found that 110 mph service would generate a surplus. The potential new line would directly connect the major cities of Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids with the terminus in Holland. The study evaluated the ridership potential and costs associated with operating the service along a number of different potential routes.

The two routes identified for further study both travelled through Ann Arbor with stops at either Jackson or Howell. Route 1 through Jackson has the highest ridership and route 2 with a stop in Howell has the greatest return on investment.

The study also compared the possibilities of establishing 79 mph service compared to 110 mph. While 110 would require a greater capital investment, the higher ridership would be enough to generate a profit. The slower 79 mph service requires a lower capital investment but would require an annual subsidy to cover operating expenses.

Initial estimates for building the rail line range from $130 to $540 million over a 7 -10 year period. The next major step will be to complete a feasibility study that includes environmental impact analyses, an implementation plan and a review of public-private
partnership options.

This project is part of a developing statewide network that includes upgrades to the Chicago-Detroit Corridor and efforts to establish a north-south route from Ann Arbor to Traverse City.


Dylan Hayward
Manager of Communications

Last Week at MHSRA:
We held a meeting for Indiana passenger rail supporters in Lafayette to discuss the next steps for expanding passenger service on the Chicago-Indianapolis Corridor.

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Japan High-Speed Rail Tour

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Dylan Hayward
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