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Brightline Service to Orlando Expected in Q2 2023

This week, Brightline officials stated they expect to begin revenue service to Orlando in Q2 of 2023. They report that the rail connection between Orlando and West Palm Beach is now more than 90% complete and they will begin 125 mph testing along the route this month.

When this service starts, the station at Orlando International Airport will arguably offer the most direct connection from an intercity rail line to an airport terminal in the United States. Brightline riders will have pedestrian access from the station directly into the new Terminal C and access via the elevated people-mover system to Terminals A and B. This connection between trains and planes is commonplace in Europe and Asia and helps make both more successful.

It’s exciting to see the steady progress Brightline is making towards their vision of a 337-mile system connecting Miami, Orlando, and Tampa Bay. Late last year they opened new stations at Boca Raton and Aventura, which has resulted in increased ridership throughout the system. They also released plans for the Sunshine Corridor, an 11-mile stretch of tracks heading west from Orlando International Airport to the Orange County Convention Center.

Brightline continues to serve as a model for how we can implement better train service around the country. Check out our site to learn more about how Brightline has been successful and the lessons we can take from that!

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