Celebrate Train Day 2023

Two people are toasting across the aisle in a Brightline train.

It’s Saturday, May 13, 2023

Help us celebrate National Train Day

Send us your pictures, stories—and donations!

National Train Day marks both the day in 1869 when railroads first connected America from coast-to-coast and Amtrak’s birthday in 1971.

It’s Saturday, May 13. We’re honoring the big day with a membership drive—and something new.

Join us by donating any amount to become a member. If you’re already a member, please make a special donation. We aim to add at least 100 new members by May 13.

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Two people are toasting across the aisle in a Brightline train.

Photo courtesy Brightline, GoBrightline.com

A man has gotten off a train. A woman is greating him with a hug.

Attend Our Train Day Webinar

Join us for a special Train Day webinar! During this event, we’ll explore some of the history of high-speed rail around the world and discuss the Alliance’s three main goals for advancing high-speed rail in the United States.

We hope you will join us on Train Day for an informative discussion about the history of high-speed rail and how we can make it a reality in the United States!  This event is free but requires registering in advance.


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Other ways to celebrate

Send us your pics and stories

We would also love your train-related pictures and brief stories. 

As you know, trains have incredible power to connect people from every region and corner of this great continent. You can help tell that story by sharing your experiences.

Pictures should be either of a train or taken on one. Stories should be true, as you remember them, and no more than 750 words. Other than that, there are no rules. Amtrak or TGV. From today or 10 years ago. It’s all good. 

A group of people taking a selfie on a train platform.
Attractive tourist receiving a goodbye hug. Located at the BDZ train station in Varna, Bulgaria.

How to send your pictures and stories

A few details: For pictures, please identify where it was taken and a few words of description (if you care to). We’ll assume it’s okay to publish this unless you note otherwise. For stories, we will edit them lightly for clarity and length. For both photos and stories, tell us where you live and your name. The number we publish will depend on our resources, in addition to the quantity and quality of material.

Send us your story through our contact page.  If you want to send a pic, we’ll respond with an email address to send it to.


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Become a member by donating any amount and we’ll send you a t-shirt.

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