Investing for better trains nationwide just picked up major support

For much of the United States, getting high-quality train service depends on fixing Chicago Union Station and the approaches to it.

That’s why we’re so excited that a powerful group of leaders have come together to push for the first round of fixes.

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A Thursday press conference at Chicago Union Station featured Senator Richard Durbin and Rep. Chuy Garcia of Illinois, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner, Secretary Omer Osman of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Chicago Metra’s CEO Jim Derwinski, and Jennifer Killen, the head of Cook County’s Department of Transportation and Highways. This powerful group came together to support Amtrak’s Mega Grant application to upgrade Union Station and create links to potential passenger-focused routes to it.

As we wrote in a blog just last month, Amtrak’s plans for Chicago will vastly improve train travel across America. And in more than 30 years of advocacy, I have never seen such an influential group speak in favor of this vision.

There’s still lots more work to do to ensure these projects get built and planning begins for the next round.

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