Would you like to save $10,000 next year?

Did you know a two-person household can save an average of $9,986 per year by swapping one of their cars for public transit? In Chicago, those savings increase to $11,698.

Add in other benefits like productive time (on the train) or avoiding accidents and traffic tickets, and that number climbs even higher. And none of that includes all the other external benefits from transit like cleaner air or more vibrant public spaces, which are so hard to capture.

Those savings could translate to nearly a quarter of the average American household’s annual income.

The problem is that for many Americans, giving up a car would be a real sacrifice. In so many communities life without a car would mean long commutes, prolonged errands and reduced access to family and friends. $10,000 isn’t worth isolation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Basic investments in public transportation allow people to rely less on their cars – or not at all. Yet, everyday politicians refuse to invest in transit because it costs too much money. They claim they don’t want to spend taxpayer money. They want lower taxes.

In fact, by not providing enough transportation choices, politicians are imposing a $10,000 tax on millions of Americans.

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PS: Check out how much you could save by switching to public transportation here.

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