110 mph on the Chicago – St. Louis Corridor

Today, we rode the first, 110-mph train bound for St. Louis.

Amtrak, IDOT, and the Union Pacific did a “soft launch” of full-speed service in the Chicago – St. Louis Corridor. (They will change the schedules to reflect the new travel times in a month or two.)

We need to celebrate this major milestone while recognizing that the pace of progress is way too slow.

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Passing traffic on I-55 on the Chicago – St. Louis Corridor.

Today is important for three reasons:

  1. It is the first time trains have been scheduled to go 110 mph on a Class 1 railroad. (Yes, trains went faster to make up time before speed limits were enforced.)
  2. It sets a precedent for how states and railroads can partner on a fast railroad.
  3. It creates a path for approving I-ETMS, the standard safety system on America’s railroads, for faster trains.

Plus, the corridor was in horrible shape before this project. Today it’s a world-class railroad. So, the Chicago – St. Louis Corridor Project is paying big dividends.

Obviously, this is just a fraction of what needs done. It’s urgent that the U.S. gets moving on a big, bold expansion program. That means:

  • This corridor and many others across the country need to be double-tracked to support regional rail—i.e, fast, high-frequency trains on memory schedules.
  • Production of high-performance trainsets needs to be ramped up.
  • Massive investments are needed to untangle the Chicago Hub.

We also need to get moving on designing and building new high-speed lines. Tens of thousands of miles of new, high-speed line have opened around the world since this project started. Several in China go 220 mph—twice as fast as Chicago – St. Louis trains.

Our leaders need to hear our demand for fast, frequent, and affordable trains. The stakes are high. We can’t delay.

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